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A short one for once, promise: A dear friend writing her final paper was somewhat stuck on said paper, and it had her down. Her strategy at the time was what we often do (myself included, usually related to weight … Continue reading

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My Breadth-Not-Depth Mantra in Exam Prep

I was waiting to publish this until I tested it out with a few friends, but opening signs are looking very good as finals season starts to wrap up. I’ve been mentoring folks in undergrad and grad school at varying … Continue reading

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How we Pay for College May be Changing–But Don’t Hold your Breath

I just happened across two pretty interesting articles that I wanted to share with my own thoughts. They’re both related to experiments in changing how we pay for college. I’m a bit skeptical of both but wanted to share further … Continue reading

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Want a Great Job? Build a Great Portfolio!

In my fourth semester at MIT I took the first applied mechanical engineering course of my career, after more theoretical classes on mechanics, electricity, statics, dynamics, and programming. I had done well enough in these theory classes, but now it … Continue reading

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Hey, We’re in College XPress!

Just wanted to share some exciting news: we’re being featured (with increasing regularity) in College XPress, a pretty big-time blog-and-other-stuff site.  So far they’ve shared My Crazy Plan to Write a Master’s Thesis in 10 Weeks, and a brand new … Continue reading

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New Priorities Driving Up College Tuition–How to Cope

We all know that college tuition is going up all the damned time. It’s not always clear why. There’s pretty infuriating stuff like Cambridge’s famous $5 million each year wine budget. The bigger impact is ultimately a much larger staff–this … Continue reading

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Catch Up in College When You’re Already Way Behind: Part 2–After the Fire Alarm

(Part II, now that the fire alarm is done) It’s mid-February, the shine of the new semester is starting to buff off, and the long grindstone of the next 3+ months is beginning. Maybe you’ve fallen behind on work and … Continue reading

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