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A Return to More Selective Grad School: What it Means for You

The University of Iowa–a real powerhouse of a graduate university–is planning to scale down its graduate program. As the article says, “this would have been heresy” some years ago, but graduation rates are dropping across the board.  My personal pet … Continue reading

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H2CC Brief: LinkedIn’s “University Pages” and What to Make of Them

LinkedIn recently (August 2013) came out with “University Pages,” a service that currently serves primarily as a statistics aggregator but may grow (in time) into something slightly more sophisticated. Currently, what’s being showcased in MIT’s Technology Review is the top-ranking … Continue reading

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Quick Physical Stress Relief… And a Bigger Lesson

The goofily-named “Stressbusters” program at Columbia involves a mere 5-7 minute back/neck-rub. Pretty simple, which is nice. The really interesting bit is that more than half of those that received the “treatment” reported that they felt significantly less stressed even … Continue reading

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