An Honest Product Plug: The Napwell

I try to keep my product recommendations to a minimum, for two reasons:

1) Credibility: I don’t want to get anyone thinkin’ that I’m an affiliates site (I’m not–I’m making $0 from this)

2) I don’t want to inundate people with apps, gadgets, and the like–the clutter is anathema for productivity and effectiveness

But most of you college students aren’t getting regular sleep, and sometimes your schedule or circumstances require a good nap to keep going. Likely, you already know of the recharging benefits of the 20-minute power nap when you’re in the middle of a marathon. The key problem, of course, is you sometimes wake up feeling worse than when you went to sleep (this is called “sleep inertia“). For the last 10 years, this has deterred me from napping.

An MIT/Harvard Med team is developing Napwell, this very cool sleep mask that wakes you up naturally by lighting up gradually, like the rising sun. I (sadly) haven’t tested it out myself, but I’ve backed the Kickstarter and will be getting mine during the production run, and then experimenting with 2- or 3-phase polyphasic sleep.

So for those of you into non-traditional sleep cycles… or those of you finding yourself in need of an emergency nap or two after some tough study marathon’s take a look.

Parents: could be a very cool gift for your current or future college student.

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One Response to An Honest Product Plug: The Napwell

  1. VL says:

    Awesome sunrise sleep mask! Very useful for me!

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